Top Deck Club is a unique program only found on the MV Reef Encounter.

This package includes the best rooms on the top level of the boat.

To go beyond the outstanding service that every guest receives, the Top Deck Club adds unique features.

  • Dinner under the stars (weather permitting).
  • Great Barrier Reef Valet
  • Level 3 Staterooms
  • Sunset cocktails
  • Late checkout

Guests going to Reef Encounter are transported on the sister boat MV Reef Experience, which also operates as a Great Barrier Reef day tour.

Or you can add some extra magic and arrive via a spectacular scenic helicopter flight, landing directly onboard Reef Encounter’s onboard helipad.

The Top Deck Club guest is meet dockside by their Top Deck Club attendant and escorted onboard to the Captains wheelhouse.

Great Barrier Reef accommodation Top Deck Club Experience

Arriving at the MV Reef Encounter, you will be given priority boarding and escorted to your stateroom.

The Top Deck Club guide is available for all in-water activities.

Scuba diving or snorkelling

Our outer barrier reef locations are spectacular. See more colours than you ever believed possible under the crystal clear water.

While the evening holds many delights for the boat’s guest, This package has a few extra benefits.

Your private valet will assist you with dinner under the stars, breakfast in bed, late checkout and also as an in-water guide.

Top Deck Club cocktail included while taking in the sunset,  under those stars or from the hot tub. In the morning, it is breakfast in bed if you wish.

The special treatment lasts for the entire tour, as well as on your return trip. You have access to stateroom until it is time to board the MV Reef Experience for your return trip to Cairns.

This Top Deck Club is the best way to experience the Great Barrier Reef.

Most people only have the opportunity to visit the Great Barrier Reef once in their life. Make it the best experience possible by reserving on the Reef Encounter and selecting the Top Deck Club.