The Top Deck Club is a special program that is only found on the MV Reef Encounter, a part of the Hot Getaway Network. To understand the Top Deck Club, you will need to understand some of the stand out features of the MV Reef Encounter.

She is not a typical dive live-aboard. This recently refurnished luxury 35 metre catamaran host 21 spacious staterooms, with all the comfort of a boutique hotel on land.

To go beyond the outstanding service that every guest receives, the Top Deck Club adds some special features.

All guest going to the floating moving resort, MV Reef Encounter, are transported on the sister boat MV Reef Experience, which is a day trip boat.

The Top Deck Club guest are meet dockside by one member of the crew and escorted on-board to the Captains wheelhouse, where breakfast will be served at a private table.

The only guest permitted entry into the Wheelhouse are the Top Deck Club members.

This just starts your pampering, for the duration of the tour you will have a staff member ready to assist you. They are your butler and tour guide rolled into one.

Outstanding Accommodations

Arriving at the MV Reef Encounter, you will be given priority boarding and escorted to your top deck room. A bottle of champagne awaits you along with a fruit platter.

Scuba Divers will have the drink after the days diving is done. For your diving, the staff member is also your reef guide.

They will lead you on a personal guided tour of the reef or hang back and follow your lead if that is what you wish.

While the evening holds many delights for the guest of the boat, the Top Deck Club member have a few extra perks.

Special attention by the on board chef and a choice of dining in the salon with the other guest or privately under the starts.

There is also special complementary cocktails included to sip under those stars as well, from the sun deck or the hot tub. In the morning it is breakfast in bed if you wish.

The special treatment last for the entire cruise, as well as on your return trip. You have access to stateroom until it is time to board the MV Reef Experience for your return trip back to Cairns.

On the Reef Experience, you will again be escorted to the Wheelhouse where this time champagne awaits you for your return trip.

The MV Reef Encounter is one of the highest rated liveaboards in the world and the Top Deck Club brings the experience to an elite category.

Most people only have the opportunity to visit the Great Barrier Reef once in their life, Make it the best experience possible by reserving on the MV Reef Encounter and selecting the Top Deck Club.