Liveaboard snorkel tours are a great way to see the Great Barrier Reef with unlimited snorkeling available throughout the day.

Our Liveaboard snorkel tour is a great way for friends, couples or family members to share the Great Barrier Reef liveaboard experience

Once upon a time liveaboard vessels were catering for scuba divers only

Scuba divers have always been a very dedicated group of people.

Much like motorcyclist there is an instant bond between divers and an intense dedication to the lifestyle.

The current generation is more diverse in their lifestyles and this dedication that we saw in the past is become less intense.

The Liveaboard industry has been experiencing this and have made adjustments in the manner that they do business.

Liveaboards have been upgrading their facilities and offering additional activities beyond scuba diving. While non-divers have always been welcomed on dive Liveaboards they often were treated as second class guest.

If fact non-divers seldom used to book the Liveaboards as there was not much to do.

Cabins were small and cramped, breakfast and lunch were meant to be fast so that divers would get back to diving, there was nothing to do but dive.

That has changed and many of the Liveaboard boats offer programs geared towards the non-diver.

Most of these programs are promoted as snorkeling programs.

The experiences that the Great Barrier Reef can provide make the prospects of visiting the reef by non-divers an exciting adventure.

See the Great Barrier Reef on our Liveaboard Snorkel Tours

Many day boat operators have been mixing both snorkelers and certified scuba divers for a very long time.

By emphasizing snorkeling the Liveaboard dive boat operator can entice the non-diver to join in the experiences.

Since the current generation of divers are expecting more from a Liveaboard then dive after dive, the higher expectations of what a Liveaboard can provide allows the snorkelers fit right in to the operation.

Many of the Liveaboards are offering snorkelers many of the benefits that have been traditionally reserved to divers.

Snorkelers will find guided tours of the reefs as well as site briefings and open gate policies.

An open gate policy is basically any time divers are in the water (the gate to the dive platform is open), snorkelers are welcome to start their activity.

What Should A Snorkeler Look For

While this is a generalization, it is safe to say that the average diver on a Liveaboard is content if they are involved in diving 8 hours in a day.

This would include the time underwater as well as the preparation time for the next dive.


A snorkeler requires only a few minutes to prepare to snorkel, so the overall time is less.

Therefore the snorkeler has more free time and needs to be able to fill those hours aboard.

Open deck space away from the dive deck is an important consideration for many snorkelers. It gives them a place to relax in the sun, perhaps working on a tan while reading a book.

Air conditioned space is also more important as an escape from the sun. The snorkeler is also more likely to spend more time in the stateroom.

The Snorkeling program of the MV Reef Encounter is a good example of a dive Liveaboard that has strong appeal to the snorkeler.

While all the needs of a scuba diver are taken care of, it is not done at the expense of the non-diver.

The staterooms are large and offer outstanding views of the ocean.

The dining area is spacious with places to eat in both air conditioned comfort and out in the open to enjoy the fresh sea air.

The meals themselves are as good or better than in the average restaurant.

Guest on Liveaboards are finding an experience that are more in tune with an experience on a luxury yacht than the dive boats of a decade ago.

While most people can not afford to charter a luxury yacht for a few days, the cost of a luxury Liveaboard is in the reach of many.