SSI Advanced Adventurer Course add confidence to your scuba diving

SSI Advance Adventurer Course

Complete your SSI Advanced Adventurer scuba diving course on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

SSI (Scuba Schools International) is an organisation that has been teaching scuba divers across the world for over 40 years.

Our advanced scuba diving course is designed to build your diving confidence, experience, and skills.

The SSI Advanced course program allows you to experience five specialty areas without requiring you to complete the entire Specialty.

Advance your scuba diving skills and confidence.

SSI Advanced Course Description


Certification Prerequisites: Open Water Diver
Minimum Age: is 12 as we will include a deep dive. 
Academic Sessions: online training
Pool/Confined Sessions: Online learning 
Open Water Dives: Not more than 5
Maximum Training Depth: Varies 
Suggestions Duration: 6-10 hours


You are adding to basic scuba diving knowledge with new activities, more dives, and increased self-reliance.

Our friendly scuba dive instructors will guide you through step by step and ensure you have a safe and fun scuba diving experience.

Our scuba dive liveaboard adventures allow you the time, equipment, and comfort to scuba dive, explore, and enjoy the Great Barrier Reef like never before.

Immerse yourself at the Great Barrier Reef and witness the spectacle of nature as the bustling marine life takes place around you.

See 1000’s of colourful fish and coral in one place and visit the largest living thing on earth.

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, can be seen from space.

Our ever-popular SSI Advanced scuba dive courses are internationally recognised, and taught by professional dive instructors.

Allow yourself several days to complete the scuba dive course, but also kick back and enjoy the Aussie sun on one Reef Encounter liveaboard Cairns vessels, or grab a snorkel and fins to take in even more of the reef life.

Cairns liveaboard tour warrants as much time beneath the waves as you can get! But don’t worry, there’s plenty to see, do, and eat on board too.

Spend an afternoon relaxing on the sun deck if that’s what suits you.

Daily Departures from Cairns, the sunshine, marine life, and excellent amenities abroad mean that you have all the ingredients for a great holiday.

Embark on the aquatic adventure of a lifetime living and exploring the Great Barrier Reef.