Cairns Liveaboards Offering Resort Scuba Diving

Resort Scuba Diving
Resort Scuba Diving

Resort Scuba Diving is an outstanding way to see the Great Barrier Reef.  While snorkeling is like looking at a picture scuba diving is like being in the picture.

The Cairns Liveaboard industry is well known for the innovations that they include in the products and services they offer.

Another example of this that we, at see is the number of Liveaboards that are offering resort dive programs on board their vessels.

While resort scuba diving programs have been around for many years, they are not as well known as certification programs.

Resort Dive Options

Under different names such as: Discover Diving, Introduction to Scuba and Resort Diving Certification these programs are offered by many of the diving certification agencies.

The programs were designed to be offered by resorts with instructors to give a taste of what scuba diving is all about and require no special qualifications.

These programs are generally a half day and are similar in content as the first confined water session in an open water certification program.

An individual must have a basic swimming ability and complete a simple medical questionnaire. Some medical conditions will not allow you to participate in scuba diving.

Resort Scuba diving programs start with a short lesson about some of the basic physics involved in scuba diving.

The material is not complex and is used so that the resort diver understands the risk.

Understanding the risk and following the basic safety principals greatly reduce the risk.

These safety principals is one of the main reasons that scuba diving has gone from a macho extreme adventure of forty years ago to a family activity it is today.

Following the physics there is a short demonstration of some basic skills.

These include how to replace and clear your mask if it comes off underwater and how to find and replace your regulator if for some reason it comes out of your mouth while diving.

The potential resort diver will then gear up and practice the basic skills.

They are really very basic skills and most people master them in just a couple of attempts.

Once they have mastered the skills to their own satisfaction and that of the instructor they are ready for the dive.

The diving in the Resort dive programs is a true scuba dive.

You and your instructor will follow a dive plan that will allow you to explore the undersea world as any other diver will do. There are some differences of course between a resort diver and a certified diver.

The resort diver can only dive with a qualified instructor. While a certified diver is free to dive with any other diver. Resort dives are generally from five to ten metres deep, while certified divers may go deeper.

The great visibility and the shallow reefs available on the outer reefs provide perfect dive sites for the resort dive.

The Cairns Liveaboards offer the Resort dive programs in different manners. Some offer a free or discounted resort dive to guest taking a Liveaboard snorkeling package.

The MV Reef Encounter offers a two day Resort Scuba Diving package that include five resort dives.

If you are a snorkeler who would like to get a closer look at the reef, then take a look at a resort dive lesson the next time you are on board any of the Cairns based liveaboards that offer such a program.