Four Day Liveaboard Dive Vacations From Cairns

 4-day-liveaboard- liveaboard Cairns

The wonders of diving the Great Barrier Reef is unmatched anywhere in the world. The 4 day Liveaboard may be the best way of seeing it. The four day trips fit in very well to a one week vacation. It allows access to many outstanding reef locations such as those on the Outer Reef and even to the Ribbon Reef chain. Around the diving trip, the visitor can experience many of the other attractions of the area such as Kuranda’s Historic Scenic Railway and other attractions in and around Cairns.

Depending on the Liveaboard the 4 day Liveaboard dive vacation may be either three or four nights. As an example the four day MV Reef Encounter package picks you up early morning and transfer you to their shuttle to meet up with the MV Reef Encounter out on the reef. You have that entire day on the boat, followed by three overnights. The forth day you have the entire morning and early afternoon before getting the transfer vessel back to Cairns. The Spirit of Freedom also offers a four day trip, going out to the Ribbon Reefs and the Osprey Reef out in the Coral Sea.  That trip departs from Cairns early on Thursday morning and returns early on Monday morning. While there are many Liveaboards that depart from Cairns these two do represent well what is available.

Fly And Dive Liveaboards

A few boats, such as The Spirit of Freedom and the Mike Ball’s Spoilsport, operate a seven day Liveaboard adventure that can be split into either a three night or four night trip. The Spirit of Freedom crew will pick you up on Thursday and transfer you to a local airport for the four night adventure. At the airport you will transfer to a light aircraft for a one hour scenic to Lizard Island. A note for divers, there no worry if you dive the day before as the flight is not pressurized and flies at about 600 feet.  At such a low level over the crystal clear water, you can spot large rays, schools of fish and even sharks as you fly over the reefs. Arriving at Lizard Island you transfer to the boat and have an early lunch.  The boat relocates to your first dive spot possibly the world famous Cod Hole dive site. So starts your vacation. The trip returns you to the Marina in Cairns in the early morning hours of Monday. The dive sites that these boats visit are out of reach of day boats and are only visited by boats on weekly schedules that may be split like the Spirit of Freedom with an air transfer. Many of the sites are too difficult for beginning snorkeler and some of the sites are restricted to advanced divers.

Outer Reef Liveaboards

The MV Reef Encounter is a prime example of a new type of Liveaboard. A sort of come any day adventure, While dive vessels such as the Spirit of Freedom sail from Cairns on a weekly bases. You can only join them on Monday out of Cairns or meet them on Thursday at Lizard Island. The MV Reef Encounter stays at the outer reefs for extended periods of time. New guest and supplies are brought out daily by a sister ship, in this case the Reef Experience. This also allows the captain greater flexibility to select dive sites. He can wander back and forth over the reefs as he does not have a fix schedule to be somewhere each day. The reefs such as Hasting Reef and Norman Reef provide not only outstanding scuba diving but are also excellent for snorkeling. Unlike the fly-dive Liveaboards, the join any day Liveaboards are ideal for snorkelers as well.