Breaking Patches Reef


Breaking Patches
Giant Clam

Breaking Patches Reef dive sites stands out even in the greatness that is the Great Barrier Reef. One of the reasons it stands out is because it is different from its neighbours.

A little background information first about Breaking Patches

Breaking Patches Reef is located west of Michaelmas Reef. It is just outside of the Michaelmas Cay Locality. Michaelmas Reef is a crescent shape reef, and Breaking Patches sits inside the crescent. Michaelmas Cay is located on the south-west portion of its reef and directly south of the Breaking Patches.

Michaelmas Reef and Hasting Reef to the north are both barrier reefs meaning that they are the first reefs facing deeper waters of the continental shelf.

The effect starts the process of calming the sea.

Behind the barrier reefs are areas referred to as lagoons.

We use the word lagoon to describe a small bay of calm water on a coral island, and the lagoon of a Barrier reef is similar. However, it can all be underwater.

The nature of the lagoon allows it to develop the coral and marine life that is different from the ocean side. Diving on a barrier reef has completely different species as you travel across the reef.

There is a type of mid-shelf reef that can develop in the protected waters of a barrier reef, is called a patch reef. The Breaking Patches Reef that we have been discussing is of that type.

Breaking Patches Reefs Make-Up

To confuse thing further, The Breaking Patches Reef located by Michaelmas Cay is a fragmented reef. Breaking Patches reef can also refer to the Paradise Reef to its north and Long Bommie to its south.

In total there are seven moorings at the Breaking Patches Reef, two of them are at Paradise Reef, two at Long Bommie, and three at the central portion of Breaking Patches. While the lagoon of a barrier reef is relatively calm, the water directly behind a patch reef is even more tranquil.

Allowing the development of a coral reef population which would

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On Breaking Patches Reef, you will find over 400 types of coral, those found on barrier reefs and those found in coral gardens.

Breaking Patches is famous for seatles among the black coral trees.

Scuba Dive Sites

As mentioned previously, there is a total of seven moorings located on the extended Breaking Patches Reef. These are also only visited by two companies.

The four moorings/dive sites visited by the MV Reef Encounter and her sister ships Compass Cruises and Reef Experience provide the calmest conditions and the best variety of both marine life and structure.

These conditions give snorkelers and beginning divers an experience that is usually not available to them. While suitable for the beginners, the more advanced diver will find chutes and fingers that they will find interesting.

As an all-around scuba dive destination, the Breaking Patches location is a destination not to be missed.