Cairns Diving Liveaboard … its doesn’t get better than this

Scuba dive and the Great Barrier Reef go together as well as Cookies n Cream or ice cream and cake – They are all matches made in heaven.

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most bio-diverse regions of earth.  While sailing the reefs and snorkeling across them give brief glimpses of the beauty and variety the reef offers it is only a small portion.

To truly appreciate the reef the only way is to scuba dive. While day tours provide the scuba diver access to the reefs, a much more intense experience can be had by staying out on the reef. Cairns diving liveboards offer trips in duration from overnight to a week.

Each of the Cairns Diving Liveaboards provide slightly different experiences.

Some of them such as the Spirit of Freedom and the Spoilsport provide 3,4, and 7 days Liveaboard adventures.

While vessels such as the MV Reef Encounter can provide stays from one night or more.

There are a number of advantages that the Liveaboard provides to those who want to scuba dive on the reef.

Variety Of Reefs

The Liveaboard allows the diver a greater number and variety of reefs to dive. The longer trips reach reefs that can not be dived during the day trips.

Many of the reefs that the week long Liveaboards visit get less visitors in a year than some reefs the day boats visit get in a week. Even the boats that are not so far out that are offering the scuba diver an overnight or two will provide a variety of reefs for the diver.

Perfect Training Conditions

The Liveaboards also are an ideal place to take diving courses. Whether you wish to learn how to scuba dive or to take some more advanced training, the Liveaboard makes it very convenient.

Open water divers may want to upgrade to an advance course. Most of the Liveaboards also offer specialty scuba dive courses such as Nitrox and underwater photography.

Night Diving Paradise

When the sea around you has become empty of other boats, you have your finished dinner and the sky is aglow with the setting sun it is time to prepare for the ultimate dive at the ultimate location.

A night dive on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

No amount of words can truly describe a night dive on a reef. It is like trying to describe the colors of a watercolor masterpiece by Monet, or the smile on the Mona Lisa.

The reef is like those black-light posters that look one way in daylight, but present a different image under black-light. The reef is an active colorful scene during the day.

When night comes to the reef, many fish find places to hide for the night. Many other creatures however take there place. Octopus and cuttle fish come out of hiding and add their colors to the reef. Bio-luminescent phytoplankton becomes visible giving an eerie sparkle to your movements.

The coral themselves open up to feed giving the reef an even more dazzling display of life and color. Big fish come from the deep to sample what the night reef has to offer.

Yes, to scuba diving a reef at night especially one of the Great Barrier Reef is an experience that is breathtaking and memorable.

A Spiritual Experience

After the wonders of a night dive, you can relax out on the open deck. As the lights of the boat are dimmed, you will only have the lights that nature provides. The calm and serenity that you will encounter can only be described as spiritual. You have started your day with a scuba dive that opens the seas to your eyes, you continue with your night exploration and finish with a natural calm.

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