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North Queensland Getaway

Great Barrier Reef liveaboard, Daintree rainforest, Outback and Chillagoe Caves package. Explore limestone caves, discover the oldest tropical rainforest and stay on the Reef.

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Action Getaway

Great Barrier Reef liveaboard, rafting on the mighty Tully river and an overnight stay in the beautiful Cape Tribulation. See the best the tropical north...

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Cairns Best Liveaboards

Liveaboard Cairns scuba diving and snorkeling tours is the perfect way to make the most of your time exploring the Great Barrier Reef.

You’ll benefit from multiple scuba dive and snorkel  locations, many of which are on the outer reef. Plus, there’s no need to head back to shore to go to your hotel or for meals as everything you need is right on the liveaboard.

Whether you’re in the water or hanging out on deck, you’ll have the true Great Barrier Reef experience as you’ll see everything the reef has to offer from above and below the water’s surface.

Cairns Liveaboard  offer multiple packages to choose from, which are affordable for just about everyone’s budget.

If you’re looking for a 2 day trip or more, there’s a liveaboard Cairns  package for you!

With our liveaboard Cairns Tour packages  you’re able to visit the most popular scuba diving and snorkeling  locations along the Great Barrier Reef.

You can visit the famous  Coral Sea, Ribbons Reef and many other world-renowned destinations.

There are even many open water diving destinations for the more experienced diver, including night dives.

No matter you’re diving experience level, there’s a Cairns Liveaboard trip that’s right for you, even if you’ve never dived before.

You can take scuba diving courses, which allow you to dive into the water just a few hours after completion.

You don’t have to miss out on the fun just because you haven’t scuba dived before!

Scuba Dive Lessons on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

We offer a personalised open water dive course with a maximum of 4 students in the class and all scuba dives done on the Great Barrier Reef – its a wonderful way to learn click here to find our more information 

With family-friendly, multiple day liveaboard trips in Cairns available, you’ll have the perfect family vacation.

Liveaboard scuba diving trips can accommodate anyone, no matter the age.

Whether you’re on a romantic getaway or a family vacation, our dive courses, open water dives and multiple day liveaboard trips are the best way to experience the largest reef system in the world.

You’ll swim with a rich variety of marine life while surrounded by vibrant coral and perfect water conditions.

If you need a break, simply head on deck to view the beauty of the reef from above.

You’ll see marine life splashing on the water’s surface.  If you’re in the water or on deck, you’re likely to spot a whale or two as well!

Liveaboard Cairns scuba diving and snorkeling is the ideal adventure as you’ll explore the reef many times, not just once.

You’ll make the most of your time in Cairns with liveaboard trips because you don’t have to waste time heading back to shore for sleep and meals.

If you’re ready to begin exploring the best diving locations in the world, book your Cairns Liveaboard today!